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CENTER 22_ TRMS AC Clamp Meter (Pocket Size)

Production information

• Pocket Size Clamp Meter
• AC Current Measuring Capability Up To 400Amps
• True RMS Measurement On AC Mode
• Inrush Current Measurement
• NCV(Non-contacted Voltage Detection) Function
• LPF (Low Pass Filter) Function
• Data Hold Function
• Auto Power Off(15 min) Function
• Backlight Function

Function Range Resolution Accuracy
ACA(Autorange) 40.00 A
400.0 A
10 mA
100 mA
± 2.0%rdg + 5dgts
± 3.8%rdg + 8dgts
NCV 80V~600VAC Indicator: 4 tone beeper alarm & 4 segment LCD display
Display: 3 3/4 digital Liquid display, maximum reading 3999
Sampling Rate: 2 times/sec
Battery: 1.5V size AAA battery x 2
Dimensions: 149x59x27.5 mm
Weight: approx.148g
Maximum Jaw Opening: ø 23 mm
PS.  The above specifications and other information are subject to change without notice. 
Please contact sales person for the latest specifications update.