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CENTER 522_ Wireless Datalogger Hygro Thermometer (K/J/E/T/N/R/S Type, Bluetooth)

Production information

• Recall Function To Instantly Read-out Up To 100 Sets Manually Saved Data
• Min/Max/Avg Recording Of All Channels USB Interface
• Large Backlit LCD Shows All Channels On Display
• Measures K, J, E, T, N, R, S Type Thermocouples
• Temperature Alarm Function Data Hold Function
• Datalogging Up To 32,000 Points Each Channel
• Dew Point And Wet Bulb Measurement
• Adjustable Auto Power Off Time Setting
• Fast Response With High Accuracy
• Interchangeable Digital Probe
• PC Software Included
• Bluetooth Capability
• Unit °C, °F, K, RH


Measurement Range:
  Probe: 0%~100%RH ; -20°C~60°C, -4°F~140°F
  Thermocouple: -200°C~1370°C ;  -328°F~2498°F
  Probe: ±2.5%RH ; ±0.8°C ; ±1.5°F
  Thermocouple: ±0.1%rdg+0.7°C;  ±0.1%rdg+1.4°F 
Resolution:  0.1%RH ;  0.1°C ;  0.1°F ;  0.1K
Input Protection:  30Vrms Maximum
Operation Temp: 0℃~50℃ (<80%RH)
Storage Temp: -20℃~60℃ (<70%RH)
Battery: 1.5V, Size AAA battery x 4
Meter: 187x75x29 mm
Probe(RP-33): 16mm Diameter x 98mm(L)
Weight: Approx.330g